More incompetence in customer service.

I went ahead and made my call to the girl that called me before. I explained my situation, and she informed me she couldn’t help me and that I would have to speak to the store’s general manager. She put me on hold and gave him a call, then came back to me. She informed [...]

Want to read something sad?

So, below is my notes for a call I am going to make about my recently purchased motorcycle. I’ve had nothing but problems with this place from day one. I went with a large/corporate dealership due to I thought I would be treated better, but I guess I was wrong. It’s not spell checked, just [...] and the scammers they are.

Usually I don’t go into detail about what I do for work, however, today is an exception.
There is a domain name conference going on in Hollywood, FL in the near future. During this conference there is going to be a domain name auction. It just so happens that is sponsoring the auction. Here’s the [...]

Banks have declared war — on you

That was the title of an article I read earlier today. I pretty much shrugged it off only because the only balance I carry is for my car, which is a fixed rate loan. Here’s the link, though: Banks have declared war — on you.
Basically, Obama’s cracking down on the fine print that credit card [...]

I like to whine.

Seriously? I’m tired of people that complain about everything, and I do mean everything. It gets so frustrating to deal with it, hearing it, reading it, knowing it… etc. I know I have my points when I express my dislike about things, like now, but seriously… Stop the whining!
If you’re so tired of your life, [...]

Aggression Inside.

So, I have now written two blogs…neither positive. I guess it’s going to have to come out some time, I’m just going to have to let my words fly about how I feel about a lot of the things I see on a daily basis. I try to remain positive and uplifting, but it bothers [...]

Jack on ice.

Nothing special tonight, I’m exhausted. I made dinner, popped in “Wanted” again, and it just ended a little bit ago. I’m drinking my brownie batter and going to sleep.
I have to say, though, it’s surprising how shallow and fake people can be…even in a town like Ocala. It seems like everyone I meet acts like [...]

Little things that wear you down.

So, apparently my mp3 converting software now screws up all my ID3 tags…which is why I couldn’t find my new music in my iPod. Been using the same program for years, and just now it starts giving me issues.
I brought the gloves back to Dick’s. They didn’t have any more large size and the one [...]

The writing is on the…shirt.

So, in my never ending quest to find local people to hang out with, I continue to browse Myspace profiles. It seems every day that each profile is lacking more and more content and just has cliche sayings in images from some free website that allows you to hotlink to them. There are three hundred [...]


I’m told by people that they are tired of games. They are tired of the games that the opposite sex plays. However, I then see them playing games.
A person is who they choose to be, they are the person they show themselves to be, they are not who they say they are.  Did you catch [...]