Joy thievery.

“Where’s my perky Jesse?” A question I was asked around nine years ago. That morning was the night after a bad night, so I was not in the best of spirits. For those that have known me for just the past few years, you would have never thought I was a perky person, nor a [...]


To become indesctructable is a feat that is easily accomplished. You must prove to those around you that you are, in fact, totally fallible. You make your actions speak louder than any words you or anyone else could ever say. Actions are the mortar that hold the bricks of your conversations and memories together in [...]

Blink, there went life.

It passed you by.
You were too focused on the now, the today, that the future has slipped right through your grasp. You were too focused on the perfect placement of your foot on the smallest foothold, and you did not realize the platform ahead. Living for the day is amazing, living for now is great, [...]

Learning to Ollie.

Still a goal of mine. I just watched this video… I had no clue you had to roll your foot up the board. Makes total sense, though.
I shall try it later.

The Fomi Strikes Back.

Yes, that is a Star Wars reference, however I’m not one of those nerds.
Fomi is a Figment Of My Imagination, clever, huh? Jaime and I had a nice discussion about it one time. This girl that hurt me never existed, nor will she ever exist. She was a passing thought, a built up puzzle in [...]

CSS must bow!

So, I think I mentioned that some time last week I went to update two words on Myspace and my whole profile went to crap. I put in a sloppy CSS fix just to make it less discombobulated. Tonight, I went in and played around with my testing account to see if I could correct [...]

Today’s brick.

It’s going down much better and much easier than yesterday’s, that’s for sure. It’s still not gone yet, but it’s getting there.
Did I mention that this stuff tastes like Hershey’s chocolate syrup right out of the bottle? It’s okay to start… but, near the end it just becomes difficult to swallow. Blah… nearly there.
CAN YOU [...]

Story of Life

I just grabbed this off of someone else’s blog, she said she found it online. I liked it, so I’m sharing.
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who [...]

I wish I sounded like Michael McDonald.

I really shouldn’t be up this late, but I wanted to finish the new layout… and I did. I had Jaime on the phone the whole time. She listened to me babble about CSS, padding, margins, etc. I ran into a problem in Firefox with images showing lines like they were poorly sliced, and I [...]

A little bit of PS on my mind.

Finally hopped in PhotoShop tonight, and I started a simple redesign of this place. It’s going to be very similar, just with a bit of color. It’s been awhile since I have done design work, so I don’t want to stress myself with trying to get a ton of CSS right for a blog layout [...]