Working at home…

Yes…yes it does

We’re bad people.

I worked for a company like this. They would “upgrade,” things would crash, and then a wad of chewing gum was stuck onto the server to fix the issue. It really never worked. They went from one of the world’s top hosting companies to being that person being trampled at Wal-Mart during the Black Friday [...]

Narration via comic strips.

Is it good or bad that my day can be summed up in a few comic strips?

Twitter jokes.

I’ve seen a few here and there, I always think about including them here in blogs, but just never do. I guess I can’t really say this is a “joke,” though. It’s a comic strip

Clever, witty, comedic. I can’t say that my mom was ever like that… lucky me


Everyone knows someone like this. If anyone comments and says, “Mine’s worse than yours,” then I believe you have just found one of mine

Common purpose.

I was just reading the funnies and found it amusing that these three strips all talk about purpose in life…to some degree.


Dilbert is great! Today’s and just about all of last week’s were pretty good


This is extra funny to me since I actually had a similar incident with my grandmother, hehe.