Feeling lost

There are times when you get lost on the road, and most of us have some sort of GPS we can use to get us out of that bind. If not, there’s a cell phone and a friend or relative that knows the area. If that one doesn’t pan out, you can always stop at the nearest gas station.

In life, these options rarely exist.

When you’re lost, you have to find something or someone that helps you gain traction and footing on this fast moving world of ours. Every time I feel as if I have that traction, I slip, and I feel as if I have to wait for the world to come full circle again before I have a chance to land again. So, what does one do in a 24 hour period when there is nothing else to do. You sleep, or you drive yourself mad from thinking too much.

Over the years, I have given so much good advice, steered people on the right track, and helped people advance in life. It seems that now that I need the help, although I have a support system in place, I just cannot seem to get it right. I feel as if I fail at every thing I do.

Lately the thing I fail at the most is not hurting someone, someone with an amazingly huge heart. Compared to her, I am cold and heartless. For a moment I was warm, then something happened and the light went dim again. I’m so lost with this…

I’m able to pick up just about anything that’s broken and fix it. Most of the time, without any help or instructions. When it comes to emotions, I feel like I’m trying to use a paintbrush to take my bike apart…useless.

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