What do you do when you feel like this. How do you explain it, especially when you have brought it on yourself.
I said it was fine, I said it would be okay. Now, I don’t feel as if it is. I cannot explain the rush of emotions I have, the anxiety, the fear, the hurt…they [...]

Feeling lost

There are times when you get lost on the road, and most of us have some sort of GPS we can use to get us out of that bind. If not, there’s a cell phone and a friend or relative that knows the area. If that one doesn’t pan out, you can always stop at [...]

How do you…

How do you tell someone that you feel you will never be able to treat them right?
How do you tell someone that you want to make sure that it’s not just you missing them that is bringing you back to them?
How do you tell them that you want to make sure that it is in [...]

So much in my head…

And it’s all screaming to get out.
I need to get it all out, probably in rambling. Not sure if it will all be here, or to my friends. Yup, I have friends… weird, right?
I just need for my thoughts to line up and stop flying around this cranium of mine long enough to be able [...]


What is understanding?
You reading this is you understanding that I am writing in English, but do you understand why I am writing at all?
This weekend is a mystery to me, and will probably remain that way for a very long time. I have no clue where things went wrong, when I thought things were going [...]


Things mean different things to different people. A person can have a favorite rock, and then when you look at that rock, you see it is nothing special and you kick it. This will, of course, hurt the person that has chosen that rock as their favorite rock.
In this case, though, I will use [...]