My tweets from the week ending with 2010-05-29

They see me cookin, they hatin, they trying to catch me burnin broccoli. #
Where do I get a license to drive one of those?! #
I wonder if an Oompa Loompa trips in the factory, do they all spring into song and dance to poke fun at him? #

Day 1 of being unemployed.

A bonus, I got to sleep in. The downside to that, I’m getting over some sinus/throat thing, so I needed the sleep anyway.
I got up, came home from my girlfriend’s house, and got to work on locating my resume and updating it. About an hour in to it, I receive a call. My girlfriend’s daughter [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-05-22

Viewing house & 6 yr old needs to pee, checked to make sure the toilet flushes. He comes out in a few to say,"I wish they had toilet paper." #
I think my girlfriend likes me. #
People give up hope when no one around gives them hope. #
The door can see into your mind! [...]

Is this thing on?

So, I have no clue if my mobile blogging is still enabled, so I will keep this brief.
I got laid off today.
That is all.

Hola, de donde?

Ya, ya, I’ve been absent for quite awhile. I know I’ve stated a comeback before, but wires are beginning to get crossed in my head due to the stress of late.
So, after receiving depressing news about an offer on a house being pushed aside, Mariah gives a call to tell me that the company that [...]

8558 SW 129 Lane, Ocala Fl

This house was in my sights for purchasing. Me being not married and not pulling in six figures a year, it’s been hard to get a decent house in my price range that doesn’t need to be gutted and rebuilt to be livable again. The house at 8558 SW 129 Lane is in my range, [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-05-15

You can spare a dollar and you know it. RT: @ronpurtee: Hey gang, I really need your help here. This is VERY important: #

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-05-08

*yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn* #
I think I am a skeleton in someone's closet. #
Is it weird that I like the taste of multivitamins? #
Why is this song "Tik Tok" so popular? It's like Clueless meets Auto-tune. #
As Paola would say, "TGIF!!!!!!!" #

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-05-01

He man says, oops! #
Pimp little apartment, 24 rooms… #
So, that carpet may be being placed back under my feet. #
Have I mentioned that I saw a new Skyline over the weekend… in Ocala, a Skyline?! I'm more used to Lamborghinis and Ferraris, haha. #