My tweets from the week ending with 2010-04-24

Most realistic game ever? #
Haha RT: @mental_floss: In '57 Phillies Richie Ashburn broke a fans nose w\ a foul ball. He hit her again as she was being carried out. #

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-04-17 Buy five pounds of money for $45… oh, and btw, it's shredded money. #
"The King" Hahahahaha #
Warning: Division by zero in /web/sites/index.php on line 193 … Whoops! #
I guess iTunes no longer allows Paypal payments. It keeps asking me to approve the payment, then takes be in a loop over and over again. [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-04-10

Will it blend? iPad edition! #
My butt is hungry, it keeps eating my underwear. #
ARG! One more twist of the stress bolt, my debit card was cloned and used in a Wal Mart in Kentucky… how original. #
Shady people all need to drop dead. #
I'm currently floating, waiting for the carpet that was yanked [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2010-04-03

You know it! #
AVG and Outlook do not play well together. #
Why do the most important calls come in while you're on the toilet? I bet you the Bat-phone has a feature to cancel out the toilet sounds. #
Whoever coined the term, "Riding off into the sunset," obviosly never did it. It really isn't [...]