My tweets from the week ending with 2009-09-26

I have a new found respect for dragonflies and their erratic flight patterns. #
I am wondering how the weekend went so fast. I think someone swiped some hours from me while I wasn't looking. #
Facebook hates me. #
I had a little dog make my morning. She ran full speed into a closed sliding glass door [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-09-19

I don't like peas and carrots. #
I am coining the word "omniture." It is furniture that swallows you up. #
I am bigger than Chuck Norris. #
Wo0p w0op! My word is in the Urban Dictionary: #
I don't need a hammer. When I look at nails they get so scared they bury themselves in the wood. [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-09-12

I just blew an o-ring by sneezing. #
I sneezed in my helmet yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Then too, it wasn't a messy one. #
My glasses just became monocles. #
I once outran a sloth. It was tough. #
Has completed step five in his frosted mini donut diet. #
Company owner: [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-09-05

RT: @smashingmag: Now, that's a good start: Microsoft will help feed the hungry if you upgrade from IE6 to IE8 – (RT) #
RT: @smashingmag: IE 6 Venn diagram says it all – #funny #ie6 HAHAHA #
I think I'm allergic to air conditioning. #
NO-xplode does a better job than coffee to wake you up, [...]