More incompetence in customer service.

I went ahead and made my call to the girl that called me before. I explained my situation, and she informed me she couldn’t help me and that I would have to speak to the store’s general manager. She put me on hold and gave him a call, then came back to me. She informed [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-08-29

In insomnia, you're never really asleep and you're never really awake. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. # hehehe #
Presenting the 2010 Buell Blast: hehe #

Want to read something sad?

So, below is my notes for a call I am going to make about my recently purchased motorcycle. I’ve had nothing but problems with this place from day one. I went with a large/corporate dealership due to I thought I would be treated better, but I guess I was wrong. It’s not spell checked, just [...]

Gaskets and gutters.

So, after calling twice about my motorcycle, I finally got a call back. They told me the battery looks fine, however they are going to replace it. The oil leak appears to be a gasket around the starter/ignition or something, not quite sure what he said. What I do remember is he said that if [...]

Oh ya, forgot to add these…

Ze photos!
…well, the link to them:

A day for broken things.

All of my women are sick, oy.
My car has had a check engine light for a few weeks now, I just need to get it in and have a valve replaced. No biggie, just an annoyance.
My motorcycle has a weak battery and an oil leak and was trailered back to the dealership today. They told [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-08-22
I have no words, just laughter. #
RT: @smashingmag: Pay-Per-Email as a new model for e-mails? – – Bad, bad, bad idea (via @Minervity) # – Saw this at the store yesterday… #
The Armadillo, a somewhat silent crime fighter. #
Snoring is ebarassing, so wear this instead: # Oh yes, it's amazing… simply [...]

Vroom *cough* *choke* *putt*

So, I bought a (used) motorcycle today from a local dealership. I’m kind of glad I chose to buy the two year warranty, even though the bike only has 1400 miles on it. You see, it was delivered this afternoon, I didn’t ride it home. I watched the guy ride it onto a trailer, then [...]

Why don’t people ever believe me?

I tell people I’m buying a gun, they think I’m joking until I tell them I’m taking a handgun safety class. I wonder when they will believe that I sleep with it under my pillow…
I tell people I’m buying a motorcycle, they laugh…then I show them pictures. *sigh* I applied to take a class next [...]

Snarky Christian comment, or actual compliment?

The wonders of the internet will never cease. I got a message via Facebook yesterday,  and here it is:
You have crossed my mind more than once for the past few months. I hope you are doing well. It looks like you are still the jesse i remember and doing things your way.. I miss ya!!
God [...]