What a long day.

So, I am overloaded (or, should I say, behind) with work due to the hard drive failure that I had. After getting the new drive in I noticed a huge difference in performance. I think the drive itself had been going for quite some time, actually. Every time I turned around today, there was some [...]

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up.

You have been Kurt Roll’d.

Moniker.com and the scammers they are.

Usually I don’t go into detail about what I do for work, however, today is an exception.
There is a domain name conference going on in Hollywood, FL in the near future. During this conference there is going to be a domain name auction. It just so happens that Moniker.com is sponsoring the auction. Here’s the [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-07-25

http://twitpic.com/aw5e4 – Just walking the dog. #
http://twitpic.com/axd0b – Um, I think it's raining outside. #
Willem Dafoe makes Christopher Walken seem cuddly. http://bit.ly/kdFS1 #
Attaaaaaaaack of the Killer Tomatooooooooes! Song's in my head, I should add it to my Amazon wish list #
http://twitpic.com/b33gx – Tornado warnings in the region of my bed #
Just [...]

Post 201.

Crazy, 201 posts. Sadly enough, 50+ are probably from Twitter, haha.
I went rock climbing tonight, it nwas fatabulous. I really missed it. I thought I was going to do terrible, with the being sick and all, but I actually outlasted Joe
AAAAAAAANNDDD, I think I’m over the heights issue. I didn’t get shaky at [...]

4 hours remaining.

“For what?” you ask. For my backup of my main hard drive to complete… pretty sad, huh? It’s been running since about 8pm. For those of you who chat with me, you already know I was having computer issues. Basically, my hard drive is dying. I don’t think it’s not spinning, I think it’s just [...]

Monster toddlers and Lite Brites.

Tonight was interesting. I got to meet more of Mariah’s family, and one of her friends. It was her son’s birthday, so she had them all over. Her friend’s son is only two and he was beating up on her six year old…wow, the kid’s a little beast.
I got the kiddo a Lite Brite. If [...]

A life in my day.

I went to the grocery store, bought a dozen bagels, and didn’t buy any cream cheese.

You ever known a hypocrite?

I knew one, and I slowly stopped talking to them. It still bugs me nearly daily that they are so stuck in their portrayal of themselves that they really don’t know who they are any more.
I want to call them and tell them how I feel, but I really don’t think it would be worth [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-07-18

Chillin’ in my undies #
Lesson learned when creating alert loops in JavaScript, send them to someone else to test…just in case you made an infinite loop…oops. #
I still have a bit of ink residue from being fingerprinted earlier… hmmm. #
Why do the dead presidents have to bite my style? http://bit.ly/AVPs4 #
GPGPU Computing, and [...]