My tweets from the week ending with 2009-06-27

Pendulum’s drum and bass, with Prodigy’s synth line from Voodoo People, with the Bangles’ Walk Like An Egyptian vocals. Oddly good. #
*blows dust off my PHP cookbook* #
You can’t have everything, where would you put it? #
RT: @smashingmag: When Photoshop goes wrong: 15 Awful Photoshop Mistakes – #photoshop HAHAHAHA #
Why Internet Explorer is Better: [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-06-20

RT: @smashingmag: I stole your images, put them back or I will call a lawyer – – #funny #
RT: @smashingmag: The Battlefield of Design: Designers vs Clients – – by @paulboag via @sitepointdotcom (bookmarked) #
RT: @JennLacey: If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. #
Always do right. This will gratify some people [...]

Where did you come from, where did you go?

Anyone who reads this has probably reads this has noticed I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks. Well, I’ve been pretty sick, and those times when I wasn’t sick, I was either working or busy. Lucky me, I started getting sick right around my birthday, yee haw. I wound up with a pretty bad [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-06-13

Ocala’s great if you like being surrounded by houses, horses & WalMarts. You have to drive 30+ miles to get to anything a real cities have. #
RT: @MrStrider: Apple drops entry iPhone to $99, unveils new model . Haha to all the suckers that paid too much for one. #
Haha, I needed one [...]

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-06-06

Do I get senior discounts now? #
1. Remove shoes. 2. Remove socks. 3. Rub bare feet on carpet. 4. Smile and sigh. #
Eight six seven five three oh ni-eeee-ine. # – When zombies attack! #
Stop, Hammertime:
Haha #

More Ken Block Gymkhana.

Wow… It’s still my dream job.