It looks like the Twitter plugin worked like it was supposed to… yay.
I want to go rock climbing, but I’m not sure if Mariah will be able to go or not… po0p!

Nope, she can’t. Neither can Joe. And the showings of “Up” coincide when people need to be picking up kids, too.

My tweets from the week ending with 2009-05-30 – I thought it felt warm out. #
I can’t believe I am awake this early. #
Environmentalist stickers on an H2, irony or hypocrisy? # – What the fog?! # – Talk about a snake in the grass. #
Guess who has no internet and has to start work in six minutes. #
aaaaaaand, we’re up. #
This [...]

We’re bad people.

I worked for a company like this. They would “upgrade,” things would crash, and then a wad of chewing gum was stuck onto the server to fix the issue. It really never worked. They went from one of the world’s top hosting companies to being that person being trampled at Wal-Mart during the Black Friday [...]

Banks have declared war — on you

That was the title of an article I read earlier today. I pretty much shrugged it off only because the only balance I carry is for my car, which is a fixed rate loan. Here’s the link, though: Banks have declared war — on you.
Basically, Obama’s cracking down on the fine print that credit card [...]

Narration via comic strips.

Is it good or bad that my day can be summed up in a few comic strips?

I like to whine.

Seriously? I’m tired of people that complain about everything, and I do mean everything. It gets so frustrating to deal with it, hearing it, reading it, knowing it… etc. I know I have my points when I express my dislike about things, like now, but seriously… Stop the whining!
If you’re so tired of your life, [...]

Twitter jokes.

I’ve seen a few here and there, I always think about including them here in blogs, but just never do. I guess I can’t really say this is a “joke,” though. It’s a comic strip

Clever, witty, comedic. I can’t say that my mom was ever like that… lucky me

My tweets from 2009-05-23

I wish I could express how I felt with words… then maybe I wouldn’t feel so uneasy. #

Updated the Twitter plugin…

Tweets seem to be overtaking my blog, so I just set it to only post once a week. Lame, yes, but I’ve been too busy to really write anything of substance…so, ya.
Tomorrow shall be fun. I get to head to Orlando to help move a house around. They are going to sit it on my [...]

The root of the problem.

So, today I went to the dentist. I thought I was just going to get a filling, then they spring it on me…I need a root canal. I am already currently in pain, and now, I have to wait two more weeks to get this taken care of, hooray for me.
There’s some stuff that happened [...]