My tweets from 2009-05-01

Texting while driving… a big no no: #
It was once said that a black man would be president “when pigs fly”. Indeed 100 days into Obama’s presidency. . . Swine flu! #
So, I’m sitting at a red light minding my own business, and this huge black hornet flies in the window…right at my face! [...]

Common purpose.

I was just reading the funnies and found it amusing that these three strips all talk about purpose in life…to some degree.

I feel like…

I feel like there is a revolution within my digestive system, and I cannot tell who is winning. I feel like there is a bully in my mind kicking all the toy trains of thought, thus derailing them so they do not complete their task at hand. I feel as if I am watching the [...]

My tweets from 2009-04-29

RT: @creisinger: Stressed out? Give peace a chance… (via @kathleenshow) #
There’s a little bit of heaven in every packet of Horsey Sauce. #
200lb dead lift, wo0t! #

Mental Floss.

If I were to tell you that I was better today than I was yesterday, it would be the truth. I am better, but not by far. I am still mentally congested and needing to release some of my words concerning my frustrations about…people.
I just remembered something…I’ve got a secret.
I came across this pretty cool [...]

My tweets from 2009-04-29

Interesting concept, dvd lending via Facebook contacts: #
Heh, Time’s top 100 was hacked yesterday… #
Visit Wal Mart for your $138 box of rocks: #
Five Reasons You Can Thank Yoga for Better Sex #
12 Oddly Specific Museums Preserving Our History: #

Aggression Inside.

So, I have now written two blogs…neither positive. I guess it’s going to have to come out some time, I’m just going to have to let my words fly about how I feel about a lot of the things I see on a daily basis. I try to remain positive and uplifting, but it bothers [...]

My tweets from 2009-04-28

Being selfless is beneficial to being one’s self. #
Speaking big without acting is like painting a portrait on toilet paper. It’s pretty, but it’s thin, weak and serves little purpose. #


Dilbert is great! Today’s and just about all of last week’s were pretty good

My tweets from 2009-04-27

Word on the wire is that pigs have begun to fly. #
Installed a capacitor in my car, hopefully the amp won’t cut out any more #
Capacitor solved the amp cutting out issue I’m glad I still had that thing laying around. Sucks that my ears are now ringing, hehe. #