Past vs. Present vs. Present.

So, as I said before, I do believe that a person’s past does do its part in shaping who they are, however, I do believe that they also have a choice to learn from the past and become a better or worse person. After all, some people have great things handed to them, and then [...]

Past vs. Present.

I’ve heard lots of people say that people are the way they are due to their past. I believe this is true, yes, but I do not believe that anyone’s past should be used as an excuse for their present actions.
In the time here and now your past is not present. The circumstances are not [...]

Random central…

Does she know she plays games?
When will he send me the fonts?
How quickly will I pick up on Illustrator?
What made my back hurt today?
When will she find a new job?
When will I fall asleep?
Will she change her mind about her decision?
Should I leave this weekend?
What laptop should I get?
When should I go climbing again?
Don’t forget [...]

It’s been awhile.

Busy busy busy… that’s what I have been.
Friday: Dinner, chatting outside and ollie practice. I got it nearly down.
Saturday: Busch Gardens, dinner, then back to Ocala and went to a friend’s for a movie.
Sunday: Washed the car… and… drove.
Today was a blur, time just flew by. Now I am here, exhausted and waiting to pass [...]

I hate you.

A phrase that’s used way too much and too loosely in this day and age, just like the other one, “I love you.”
People say it when they are jealous, when they have nothing better to say, or just because it’s the first thing to come to mind. Why though? Do you actually hate the person [...]

Jack on ice.

Nothing special tonight, I’m exhausted. I made dinner, popped in “Wanted” again, and it just ended a little bit ago. I’m drinking my brownie batter and going to sleep.
I have to say, though, it’s surprising how shallow and fake people can be…even in a town like Ocala. It seems like everyone I meet acts like [...]

Little things that wear you down.

So, apparently my mp3 converting software now screws up all my ID3 tags…which is why I couldn’t find my new music in my iPod. Been using the same program for years, and just now it starts giving me issues.
I brought the gloves back to Dick’s. They didn’t have any more large size and the one [...]

My thoughts are shared.

A female friend of mine was contacted by a male on Myspace and he asked her if she wanted to meet up with him. She politely declined, offered witty banter, then sent me one of his final responses… only because it so resembled things I’ve said myself:
but what if you shot down some pretty cool [...]

Do the pieces fit?

Ever feel like, “I got this,” but there’s still a speck of doubt in your mind. That doubt can travel through and tear down your confidence like a little bit of yeast fermenting gallons upon gallons of beer. It’s totally your fault, you allowed it to happen. You opened the yeast and poured it in [...]

The writing is on the…shirt.

So, in my never ending quest to find local people to hang out with, I continue to browse Myspace profiles. It seems every day that each profile is lacking more and more content and just has cliche sayings in images from some free website that allows you to hotlink to them. There are three hundred [...]