New shirt!

My new shirt just arrived!

People have asked.

People have asked me what my dream job is. Well…

Some blah in your day.

So, I didn’t blog yesterday. I started writing a few things, but too many distractions came my way and my thought trains exploded into the atomic particals that once made them blah.
Grace has a rather blah status on Myspace again. I want to contact her and tell her to cheer up, but I feel like [...]

Tonight wasn’t a complete bust.

I did manage to dig up some old embarrassing photos of myself and add them to Myspace… go me!
I’m actually not ashamed of who I was, nor who I am. Some people go through life following the crowd, others choose their own path and be themselves. Though my path has paralleled some crowds, I’ve never [...]

Flash and the flu.

Two things that are deadly, practically useless, and just flat out annoy me.
I’ve been sitting here for the past three hours or so trying to get Flash to load some of my blog information onto my Myspace page, but I just cannot do it. I don’t see a point in trying to learn Flash, either… [...]

Alone with my thoughts.

It’s never a good thing when I get to contemplating things when I am alone. I typically need some sort of distraction, programming, design, a dvd… My mind races like nothing I have encountered, it can go hundreds of ways at once and I can still comprehend each train of thought as if it were [...]


Living with a commitment to excellence shall take you far.

Nothing looks familiar.

Walking through life, totally confused as to where I am. I’ve been here before, but in reality, I really haven’t. I look around and see things, but nothing looks familiar. I feel lost and panicked, but I have to keep my cool and somehow find my way. I have to trust that I am making [...]

The Janitor.

I should get a shirt that says, “The Janitor,” on it. Why? Because I have to deal with all the messes that other people have made.
It seems that everyone that comes into my life has some sort of mess that someone else has caused. Before I can get into that person and become their friend, [...]

The ice.

The ice is so cold that it burns my fingers, leaving them numb and without feeling. I can see my breath in front of me, though it is the peak of the day and the sun is at its warmest. I feel as if I get closer I may only get hurt, but I can’t [...]